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dying light the following best weapons

Posted By Pramath On 12th, Feb. T echland and Warner Bros. Eventually, you will come across an abandoned train, and some crates next to it. You will find the paint job behind it.

Fast and easy method for "Gold tier weapons" Dying Light

You can get this paint job inside there. Check behind this statue.

dying light the following best weapons

This game is really too generous with just how much it lets us deck out the vehicle. Accept Buggy Grail from Bilal. Go inside to pick up a bobblehead. All you need to do is salvage fuel from numerous abandoned vehicles scattered around the in-game world.

Basically, just walk up to them and press the Search button. Blueprints are needed to craft new items needed to survive the apocalypse. Ice Cream 1x Sickle, 1x Cleaver, 1x Metal Parts, 1x Duct Tape, 3x Fluorescent Shrooms We saved the best for last also, because this one is a bit out of the way compared to the others, as far as geographical organization goes.

dying light the following best weapons

The blueprint is inside there. Check inside the drawer in the desk to find the blueprint. Head inside, open the cabinet, collect the blueprint. The blueprint is on a shelf inside.

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The blueprint is, yet again, on a shelf. Meet your old friend again. Reach Driver Rank View More. Tweet Share. Dive into the Countryside. Sweaty Palms?

Dying Light The Following Guide: Weapon Blueprint Locations, Buggy Upgrades And More

Kill a Demolisher with a car. Make that call. Interesting… Destroy 50 scarecrows. This guide will be updated once we have more information about the game. Hottest Features.Firearms also known as Guns are a type of weapon ; a gameplay element featured in Dying Light. In general, Firearms are initially rare in the early game, resulting them not expected to appear in abundance. While they are undeniably helpful, the sound of gunshots can easily attract infected, especially Virals.

The firearms allow one to engage enemies from a distance without having to be up close and personal. Ammunition is a scarce resource, usually found in stores.

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Prior to the Enchanced Edition update, there are three types of firearms available in the default game with two variations each, excluding the shotgun which only has one variation.

In The Followingthree new types of firearms were added and the existing three types now includes new variants. Due to the man DLC's coming out Techland has made blueprint that changes the apperaence of the gun. Firearms can be found in key locations within the Slums of Harran and are nearly in abundance in Sector 0. Even when you finally do manage to find a gun, it is not very practical to use it outside as the gunshots will just attract more infected.

A number of guns were cut before the game's release; the following is a list of these weapons, and whether or not they still exist in the game files to be re-added to the game.

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Most guns have fake names. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Dying Light Store Page. Global Achievements. Arhelius View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. I believe there's no such thing as best weapon in Dying Light, there are many various weapons with their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your play style and what you find best suits you, that's the best one.

So far I like using Blade of Order. Last edited by Blade Master ; 28 Nov, am. Thank you for quick reply! So you say the game is different than the dead island series, so "the best" depends on our playing style. Could you advice some? Or if you know, what is the best one of them? I mean melee damage. Xpliciit View Profile View Posts. I like the khosh things, mine do base damage of around and my best modified with medium fire and electric and upgraded with king and something else does around damage.

They pretty much one shot take off zombies heads. I'm on level 24 on all skills except for power skills so I don't have anything legend skills.

I asked this question before I started to play dying light. And now I dont care weapons, this game is really different than I thought. Well anyway you are opening a thread for everyone's taste, everyone have your own opnion. Last edited by Blade Master ; 28 Nov, pm. I guess the best is korek v2.Add me if you want.

Top 10 Dying Light Best Weapons for Zombie Slaying

Add me on xbox one guys. Some of these weapons one hit zombies, including the juggernauts, even if u did have that much damage on ur weapons. It would be awesome if you could find all the places for the dark machete. I know of two,one on top of the bride near the fisherman village,fist tower,and another near one of the safe houses near a bolter place. Look on the bottom left of the map,and place a waypoint,it is near a tunnel and if you look in there there is a chest with a lockpick of medium.

I have been trying to find it and and if I do eventually fond it then i will let you guys know. It would also be awesome if someone would be will to let me have a dark machete. I am on pc so please let me know. Thank you and i will let you know if i find any other places. I have been playing dying light since day one, and something went wrong with my game, I no longer able to find the emperors glow, and bone splitter. Please give me some suggestions.

I am horrible at this game. Rekt all day by runners. Add me on PSN if you can help me. Anyone in need of dying light weapons. Was wondering if there was a way to boost my abilities, if so how? Weather it be weapons or playing in a party!

If some one could please help I would greatly appreciate it! Screen name is unbornabyss!

Dying Light The Following: Where to Get Weapon Blueprints

Hey guys im in need of some good weapons on dying light x box one i cant seem to get good weapons over dmg. If anybody could give me some good weapons id love to llay with you guys. You can grab the shotgun by his corpse inside the burning house.

There is a secret in the tower if you find the room where the woman is reading a kid is playing a PS Vita but if you look at his hand he is doing the Konami code I call this the Konami kid.

Your email address will not be published. Borderlands 3 Red Chest Locations in Borderlands 3. Dying Light is not just about killing Zombies or clearing the main missions, in fact, exploration and side missions reward you with additional XP, money and some rare weapons.

The range of weapons obtainable in this zombie apocalypse-themed game is incredible, from Baseball Bat to Assault Rifles, but the best ones are well hidden and you can get them only by completing some events, unlocking police vans, or finding well hidden blueprints. German 9mm Pistol you know I got my gun in a cop car so they more them one way to do that job.Cut your way through the Infected with pleasure for a little while because the sword has low durability.

The Korek Machete is a secret developer weapon. While the weapon deals high damage, it's easy to craft early on. You will have no problem getting through those pesky groups of Infected early in the game with this weapon. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to send Infected to Oblivion? Wonder no longer! The SiCK Bomb is for the beginners who like to goof off early in games.

The bombs literally make the Infected have diarrhea and will make them fly through the air. Super Molotovs are great for burning the Infected to a crisp. Molotovs are napalm in a bottle. Paper Planes are a great way of having help in a downhill battle. They hit the Infected and stun them so you can launch an effective attack.

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This is the goofiest weapon in the game. It is a picture of a chicken drawn on cardboard and attached to the end of a stick. The Anti-Gadoid Gun is useless as a weapon, but when fired, it attracts special Infected to you. This is fun to mess around with and can be useful for farming exp. The Right Hand of gloVA is an electric grenade that does damage to Infected only but will do no damage to you. The grenade is useful for a quick killing of the Infected around you and can help you with a quick escape.

The American 9mm Pistol is best for small issues. While out roaming the city, it can provide a quick escape.

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It takes pistol ammo to fire and can be one of the first guns found in the game. The Military Rifle is an automatic rifle that is great for taking out enemies quickly to avoid Infected swarming you. It takes rifle ammo and can be found later in the game. Skip to main content. Level up.

Secret Weapons in Dying Light

Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 26 May am. BY: Lynne Depuy. Ready to slay the Infected in Dying Light? Here are the weapons that will get the job done.Many new blueprints are introducted to the world of Dying Light The Following. Blueprints are used to modify and construct powerful weapons using the junk you find while wandering Harran and the Countryside. Bad Plug is a mod that provides both electrical damage and an impact boost to bladed weapons. There is a safe zone nearby that you can clear first.

It will be inside of a powerbuilding behind a barb-wired fence. Head around back near the trees to get in. Climb the tall tower in this safe zone to the very top to find the fancy wooden chest housing this one. It will add a freezing effect to your tools so you can smash any foolish enemies. The Discharger is a lot like Bad Plug in that it adds electricity to your blade, but it lacks the impact boost. The Flame Stabber is one of the most basic blueprints in The Following as it adds fire damage to knives.

This blueprint is in the locked chest at the top of that tower. This is yet another bladed weapon modification. It adds a freeze stun effect, stopping enemies in their tracks for a few seconds as if they got brain-freeze. The blueprint is on one of the magazine racks inside. This blueprint will help you create a classic zombie slaying weapon. Nothing like a bat full of nails to let the living dead know that you mean business.

In the northwester part of the map is a barn to the east of a large lake. Enter through the top floor and find a desk. The Blueprint is in the drawer. The Phlebotomizer blueprint allows you to craft a bladed weapon that causes bleeding. Just search the crates behind his desk. This particular blueprint can be found early on as well. The location is full of human enemies, and there is a large barn in the center of it. Like to use bats and crowbars? Want to freeze enemies in place while you use them?

The Super Molotov is just like your usual trusty bottle of fire, only much stronger and can take out larger crowds.

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Just dive in and open the chest and try not to drown. Dying Light is known for hiding thing very well, so be sure to check back in to see if there are more weapon blueprints to be found.

Connect with us. Continue Reading. Related Topics: blueprintsdying lightGuideHow tolocationsmodificationsMultiPostthe followingweapons. To Top.The weapons in Dying Light range from drain pipes for melee to powerful crossbows for high damage longshots. In this guide, I will list the top 10 weapons, so you can properly kick ass. The parts listed that are needed to make the weapons will be found around the map: on tables, in cabinets, and in places that nobody would ever really leave a cell phone, like in a basket on top of a three-story building.

The Angel Sword Blueprint is the mega ass-kicker of the game. To get this and add it to your weapon, you need to obtain the blueprint and have all the required parts ready in your inventory. The base weapons used for the blueprint are the Short sword, Blade, Two-handed sword, Machete, and Khopesh.

Along with one of these, you will need 2x Metal parts, 2x Duct tape, 2x Aerosol, 2x Batteries, 2x Power Cable, and 1x Electronics part. Once you have the blueprint, one of the base weapons, and all of the listed items, you are able to craft the weapon, granting you higher damage, electricity, and firepower. In this mission, you must defeat a cannibal. The room at the end of the mission that the cannibal comes out of houses the blueprint needed for the God Hammer.

Base weapons needed for this are the Two-handed hammer, Pickaxe, Two-handed axe, One-handed axe, or the Small hammer. This also increases damage and grants fire and electricity to the base weapon. This is an easy find in the game. You can lockpick police vans that are all over the map. Alternatively, on the map, there is a house in the lower right corner of the Slums. There will be a man sitting at the table in the rundown house and it appears he committed suicide and the gun is at his feet, which is sad.

You just have to be on the lookout for ammo. You can follow drain pipes over to the left and find a partially open orange train car. Inside will be some bolts, the crossbow, and a blueprint to make this bow even more badass. This crossbow is perfect for stealthy missions, and you can take down the zombies at a longer range. The weapon also grants high damage and easy maneuverability. The basic axe is a great melee weapon, and it has 16 variants that make the regular axe look like an ugly stepsister.

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